Sisters who killed father after tolerating years of abuse

Citizens from across Russia are appealing for the release of the three Khachaturyan sisters who killed their father after suffering years of physical and mental abuse at his hands.

Following a high-profile trial which garnered the attention of the polity, a court in Russia acquitted three sisters who allegedly killed their father last year. An investigation into the death of 57-year-old Mikhail Khachaturyan revealed that he subjected his daughters to mental torture and sexual assault almost every single day for three years before they gathered the courage to hit back at their abuser.

At the time police found him, Khachaturyan’s body had over 30 knife wounds along with fatal injuries on his neck and chest. While narrating what happened on the night of July 27, 2018, the girls said that they had no other option than to kill him if they wanted to live without having to face regular abuse. Responding to a question about what prompted their decision, the girls said that their father called them in his room one by one and scolded them before spraying pepper gas in their faces. He then went to sleep which is when the sisters took the help of a knife, hammer and pepper spray to relieve themselves of their misery.

3 Russian teen sisters on trial for killing their father, citing years of horrific abuse, put a spotlight on domestic violence in the country

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