Do you know How personalization enables Tik Tok to win over other applications

One of the biggest reasons why organisations should think beyond branding in this century is how businesses can create value in people’s lives. In today’s world, it might be true to say that “consumer is really the king.” When the business world adapted to become more consumer-centric, customer relationship management has risen incredibly over time while all market data needed to be analysed and kept up-to-date. Moreover, due to technological advancement, many companies in the digital age can interpret these data more precisely improve their service accordingly to the end users. There is one case study which clearly shows high performance in terms of digital strategies at the moment. Personalisation program is one of the tools which has an important role in formulating a marketing strategy at the moment. It combines between advanced technology and online platform to enhance individual experiences that keep the audience’s attention span long-lasting. And for today’s example, we will take a closer look at “Tik Tok”, the most downloaded application in the first quarter of 2018.


Source: (Technode, 2018)

Tik Tok is social media application that users can create and share videos or broadcasting. Only launched in 2016, its active users stands at an astonishing figure of 450 million users worldwide. Tik Tok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese Internet technology company. The platform is so popular in China that the Chinese dubbed the app as “Chinese Snapchat”. Aside from the organic popularity, the platform creates variety of paid contents and uses a lot of influencers to promote the platform by mainly targeting teenagers. Most importantly, it uses AI technology to capture consumer trends. In other words, they actually know what kind of videos the consumer is interested in by collecting mass data from “like” and “follow” responses. Which the data is the used to propose special hashtags and daily challenges which in turn attracts countless number of new user everyday.

In my opinion, the success of Tik Tok application is captured through the brilliant digital strategy which really give the users what they really want. In other words, the platform offers the consumer a seamless omnichannel for them to connect with the world. Not only that the user can unleash his/her own creativity, they can turn into a social media sensation by using the brand’s community. As they share created values among each other, they are actually profiting from the exposure gained from likes and follows. Another point to be taken is that, how they utilise influencer marketing effectively. The ability to pinpoint key celebrities that actually can influence the digital citizen gained them an exponential growth. On the other hand, the firm also invested in consumer relationship management by helping high potential user to grow in terms of followers and revenues. This strategy is now the key part in their current strategy mix, because it can retain customer satisfaction with the company and slowly turn it into brand loyalty. Tik Tok provided us a good example of how contemporary marketing should be executed. The reasons stated above make left us no question at all as why the platform is outperforming other digital giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and etc.      

To leave some suggestions, there are many ways for the application to seize advertising opportunities and gain more revenue. For example, Guess Co. had just cooperated with Tik Tok to launch a campaign called #inmydenim challenge. This show how versatile the application is and how well they can commerce their content. And adding a global brand to their partnership can surely persuade a lot of businesses to invest with the brand due to their reputation. Lastly, I am sure Tik Tok is one of the top apps to keep an eye on in the long future to come.


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